Thursday, June 23, 2011

Enjoying the Summer`

Brody likes climbing trees
Summer is here, and we are busy at having fun!  There has not been much time for blogging with Brody and I being on the go.  We don't like to miss opportunities to see family and friends.  I hope all my bloggy friends are out enjoying the summer too.  I wanted to encourage you to make the most of each day this summer.  Be determined to make wonderful memories with those you love!  There is no need for lots of money to have fun either.  Wanna make the kids giggle?  When the sprinkler is watering the grass, out of the blue just go run through it.  For years to come the kids will whisper to each other, "Do you remember that time mama ran through the sprinkler, and we all played together?"  When we get to the core of any relationship, it's all about spending time together.  It doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing as long as we are together.  Think about your favorite memories.  What made the memory special was because someone made you feel special.  So sit on a porch, go for a walk, and sit around a dinner table and TALK.


And should you hear a woman cackling somewhere in the Southeast or over the Gulf of Mexico, it's just me saying "Carpe Diem!"  I'm going to live my days to have the most fun possible.

What about you?

We will all turn around any day now and summer will be gone.  Will we have done anything with it?

Gather ye rose-buds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today,
Tomorrow will be dying.
~Robert Herrick

Better stop to smell the roses and pick a few while they are here!

Brody and his Pops (Don't they look just like each other)

Brody with his Nanny, Pops, and cousins Lily & Ella

Me and my niece Ella on her 1st birthdy

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moodiness and The World

"Just because I am moody today, does not give me the right to say whatever is on my mind."-Cristy L. Brice

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed?  I have!  Before my feet even hit the floor, I know I'm in a bad mood. 

Moodiness, oh my! 

Moodiness creates a war within me.  I have to battle what's inside me with reality. How do I battle my emotions?  I do what I call "The BIG Picture."  Instead of staring at the tiny speck that is bothering me, I zoom out to look at everything on my big canvas.  The picture of my life is big and beautiful to look upon.  It's beautiful because God made this life and not me.  If I'm dwelling on only a small part of it, I missing out on so much.  Example....hmmmm? Loneliness. Feeling lonely focuses only on me, and it is usually not realistic.  If I look beyond my "me" state of being, I see the awesome family and friends around me.  That great family of mine was standing right beside me in my big picture of life the whole time.  I just had to widen my view. There are so many blessings and things to be glad about.  It is just a matter of us taking the time to look for them.

Moodiness can damage other people besides me.  Remember that great family who has been standing beside me?  Of course you do!  They did not wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  They are feeling great.  They are feeling so great that they would prefer no one to ruin their good day parade.  They are riding the "happy bus," and why on earth would I ever choose to destroy that ride?  Being moody can cause negative words to come flowing out of the mouth.  It's a battle, but a worthy battle, to guard your thoughts, your words, and your actions.  It's not fair to tear down the people we come into contact with through out the day because we are moody.

What about dealing with strangers and their moodiness?  Try having some compassion for them.  Understand they are only seeing a small part of themselves instead their "big picture."  Yesterday, I went into a teacher supply store five minutes before closing time.  I could see the not-so-welcome look on a worker's face.  That's ok with me because I have five minutes, and I know exactly what I came for.  I want a globe of the world.  Preferably an inflatable globe for Brody.  He loves maps, and I wanted for him to see the world is not flat.  Not wanting to waste time, I asked the lady where the globes were.  She replied, "We are currently out of globes, and they are probably too expensive for you to buy."  Yikes!  I'm so glad this stranger knows exactly how much money I have.  REALLY?  I decide not to get angry at this lady's moodiness.  In fact, I almost got tickled at her.  It's better to take others' moodiness lightly because it really does not have anything to do with me.  It doesn't become personal unless we make personal.

Here's my sweet boy this morning, looking at his map and planning out great adventures.
And here is a lesson I can also teach Brody about the world-  Everyone in the world will be moody from time to time. You are in charge of how your mood comes across to others.  Be considerate of the things you say and do.  Be forgiving of others when their moodiness shows!