Monday, July 25, 2011

Honduras Day 2

We went out to one of the villages for church this morning. We picked up people on the long road heading to church. Can you imagine having to get up early and walk a long distance in order to hear the word of God? And it's a hot walk too! Some little boys loved climbing up in the back of the truck. I got teary eyed at their excitement for the ride.

The church is a concreate building with a tin roof. This is actually a nice building for the area.

The inside was painted a bright green. Nick is standing with their pastor.

When people first come inside to the church, they kneel at their chairs to pray. There is no need for carpet or pews to cry out to God. They came to worship God. They came to learn about the one and only all powerful God.

They have a couple of guiters to make music with. Most of their songs are verses from the Bible.

Children who are elementary age leave out after singing for children's church. They have their little service in a coffee field. During that time, they play a game, learn a bible verse, and learn a song. When they come back in they perform the song and verse in front of their church family.

At the end of church, Mr. Long presented the pastor with a sound system. This was a BIG deal! There is not much technology here, but there is a need to be able to project sound so more people can hear. The church tried having a revival for several villages a couple months ago, and it was too difficult to do outside because the people could not hear. Their building also could not hold that many people either. The small portable sound system will make it possible for more Chorti to hear God's word being taught. Ryan set it up for them, and then taught them how to use it. It's a pretty simple system, but it's overwhelming if you have never seen anything like it.

My favorite parts of church today were
How everyone prays aloud constantly (and they are whole hearted prayers as if their lives depended upon it).

Passing babies around during sevice

Smiles from people just happy to be there

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Anna said...

Thank you so much for blogging your trip Cristy, we're praying for you all!! This post so reminds me of our trip to South Africa years ago -- the Sunday church experience is something I will NEVER forget!