Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Snake Slayer

I killed a snake.
What a day!  My sweet dog Maggie was needing to do her business so I let her out the back door only to find a five foot long snake on the porch.  The snake arched up like a cobra would and struck at Maggie.  Now Maggie is my baby, and I'm super protective of her.  I was so scared Maggie would get hurt.  The snake went under our porch, and I went to the garage to find something to get rid of it with.  Most of our tools, such as a much needed shovel, were locked under the house.  Ryan is the only one with a key to the lock, and he was at work.  I was left with the choice of a broom, mop, hammer, bubble stick, or machete to use.  So like a good southern gal, I hiked up my skirt and grabbed the machete.
Poor snake.  He would have lived if he would have left Maggie alone.
I love animals.  I even get onto my son for killing insects outside.  It makes me sad to kill anything.  The thing is, I love Maggie more than I do the snake, and I will not worry all summer about her.  So I apologized several times to the snake.  I was not afraid of it, but I felt guilty for killing it.  I took a big stick and chased it out from under the porch.  Then I chased it through the grass and was able to whack it with the machete...several times.
"I did it!" 

Brody came down to check it out.

I put the dead snake in the back weeds.
I know these snakes are good for killing mice, but I wasn't sure it realized that our yorkie is not a mouse.  Brody had called me the best dragon slayer in the world yesterday while we were playing sword fighting.  Today he said I was the best snake slayer in the world.  I'll add that to part of my homemaker credentials.  A special thanks to Dawn Pollard for capturing this on camera.


Anna said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the typo-- I hiked up my shirt-- WOW-- that would have been a whole different picture! hehe...

Glad to know you don't kill snakes for the fun of it. Glad he didn't eat Maggie!

Cristy said...

Thanks Anna! I suppose that would have made for a more interesting story.