Thursday, July 28, 2011's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Can you find the house?
It's almost like a hidden treasure. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined it to be so beautiful. It's green everywhere, and trees and plants are a marvel to me. The hills and mountains take my breathe away. Everyday when we load up in the truck, I'm so excited for what I get to see.

The Chorti live in some areas that are hard to get to, but when we finally reach our destanation we are amazed at the beauty of their land.

Many people dream of waking up to palm trees, and these people experience it daily.

Now their homes are simple homes because they are a simple people. They farm, their fathers farmed, and one day their children will farm.

The average child only goes to school through the 1st or 3rd grade. Some do not get to attend school at all. They learn the basics of reading and writing. After a basic amount of schooling, they farm as well. Very few go onto to a high school.
You know what you know because it's all you have ever known. The Chorti, like everyone else in the world, does not get to pick where and what they are born into to. Of course, I figure they would have it no other way. They know the beauty of where they live. So what happens when the weather does not cooperate for good farming? All food supply is used up and there is no more food. They do not have the money to go buy food. At this point, they have to have help. Almost 40 Chorti villages have now been given a month's supply of food.

To recieve food they register with the Chorti council. Our church then brings bags of corn and beans according to the number of families reported to us. The line up to sign-in (a finger print because some cannot sign their name and we also don't want to embrassed anyone). They also have to show an ID. Did you know everyone here has an ID? That doesn't even happen in America, but that's a story for another blog.

At one of the villages today, there were five families that did not get registered with the council. All of the village lovingly gave a bowl of corn and beans from their bags to these families. It was awesome watching them share and take care of one another.

Today we learned of even more Chorti villages, and there is a need of more workers and funds to meet the needs. I don't know where more funds will come from, but God will take care of it. Please pray for these people. They are such a kind and gentle people who really deserve to have food. They will have a harvest come fall, but that is several weeks away.

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