Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coconuts and Strawberries

One of my favorite parts about being a mom is seeing my son experience something for the first time.  Sometimes the anticipation of experiencing something new Brody will be excited and other times terrified.  I think we as adults experience the same thing with the unknown.  This week Brody wanted to try a coconut.  I'm a huge fan of the coconut...Ryan is not.  After tasting it, Brody decided he does not like coconut.  Bummer!  He did however have a great time watching and helping get the coconut open (which is quite a task).

Our family made strawberry jam for the first time.  It's a lot of fun to make, and it turned out great.  I love jam on my toast so it is a treat to me. Food always seems to taste better when you make it yourself. We have some other canning projects in our future this summer like blueberry jam, pickles, tomatoes, etc.

All the "firsts" this week made me think of AJ. I cannot wait to have him home.  So many things will be new to him.  While I have missed his first steps, first words and countless other firsts, I will get to see him experience many firsts.  Maybe even see his first taste of coconut or strawberry jam.  It's exciting to think about all the things AJ will get to do with our family! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Brody's First Baseball Game

Brody asked...begged, to play baseball.  I was very unsure how he would respond to baseball, but I signed him up anyways. I see now what a good thing it is.  Brody is very excited about it.  On Saturday, he had his first game.  It was a "fun disaster." Brody had a lot of fun, but he did get distracted a lot.  "Oh look!  A Bird!" The first two times up to plate took many pitches before he made contact with the ball.  I was proud of how he didn't get discouraged.  His third time to bat was very successful.  He hit the ball well and ran very hard to first base. I think he will get better with practice.  The important part was he felt successful and had a good time.  I'm proud of my boy!   

I love this picture!  His face is priceless!

A little dance on home plate.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Riverbanks Zoo

I have been told on numerous occasions how wonderful the Riverbanks Zoo is, and I was not disappointed!  It truly is a great place plus it is also kid friendly.  The Riverbanks Zoo is not the biggest zoo we have been too, but it very thought out and has a lot of animals available.  It was clean, and the extra attractions were reasonable in cost.  Brody loved it!  It became his new "best day ever."  He really enjoyed climbing the ropes course.  My favorite part of the zoo was the penguin exhibit. After we went through the zoo twice, we took the tram to the botanical garden.  Oh.my.word. it was such a beautiful place!!!  No extra charge for the gardens.  Brody and I made a whole day out of it, and we made some great memories!

 A cup of Nectar was $2.

 Brody said his wish came true by seeing Paranas.

 The cost of the course was $7.

 Pony rides were $5.
Giraffe feeding was $3. Of course we picked up leaves other children had dropped and feed the giraffes. A lot of kids got scared of those really cool tongues and many leaves were dropped.