Monday, June 18, 2012

B-man Conquers Kindergarten

"Oh please, give me an award!"

Brody finished kindergarten on June 8th.  I'm so proud of my little man.  He really did improve greatly since the beginning of the year.  Brody has become a wonderful reader.  I'm going to have fun taking him to the library every week this summer.  He goes through books so quickly now days (just like his mama).

The last day of school, his awesome teachers gave awards to each of the children.  Brody anxiously waited in the floor for an award. 

He received two awards.  Which if you know Brody, you will not be surprised.

Most Curious


Class Trickster

Our Brody loves to ask questions.  He is curious about the world around him, and he likes to know "what's next?"  I suppose he is making up for lost time since just two years ago at four years old the kid only spoke a few words.  Praise the Lord for these questions!  Brody also likes to play tricks on people.  He hides things, makes up crazy stories, jumps out of places to scare me, and says the opposite of things.  His tricks always end by him saying, "I trick ya!" Brody just makes life fun!  He keeps things interesting for everyone around him.  

Brody was blessed with two very special teachers.  He was successful because of their hard work and tender hearts towards him.  They laid a great foundation for his education. 

First Grade, here comes one cool kid! 
Brody was the VIP right before school ended!