Monday, May 6, 2013

Brody's First Baseball Game

Brody asked...begged, to play baseball.  I was very unsure how he would respond to baseball, but I signed him up anyways. I see now what a good thing it is.  Brody is very excited about it.  On Saturday, he had his first game.  It was a "fun disaster." Brody had a lot of fun, but he did get distracted a lot.  "Oh look!  A Bird!" The first two times up to plate took many pitches before he made contact with the ball.  I was proud of how he didn't get discouraged.  His third time to bat was very successful.  He hit the ball well and ran very hard to first base. I think he will get better with practice.  The important part was he felt successful and had a good time.  I'm proud of my boy!   

I love this picture!  His face is priceless!

A little dance on home plate.

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